Friday, May 21, 2010

More Podiums for Shores Sports Racing

It just keeps getting better! The Shores Sports Team hosted and raced in St. Joseph, MO. Beautiful Krug Park the weekend of May 8th! Not only did the hardwork of Randy Tracy and Craig Hoppe's 2 year quest to build and maintain a new trail system at Krug Park deliver, it impressed and exhausted all those who participated in the event. We want to thank all the teams for coming out for the weekend event! We are new to putting on a race and when I say we, I should just say Randy Tracy and his Merry Men and some of the hottest Registration girls in the sport of Mountain Biking!

The racers' on Shores Sports Showed up to Race! In the Cat. 1 event, Craig Hoppe was at the scoring table and unable to strut his stuff on the race course, but he is fit and like a caged animal for his next race. In the Cat. 2 race Jason Douglas took the top honors in the 35-39 age group! Way to go Jason D. you beat them all on your Single Speed, that was impressive work! In the same Category, Gary Mapes continues to impress with a 4th place finish, Jason Coffman with another good race in 7th place. JP Shores (me) well let's just say if you follow me on Facebook, you know that I did not have a good race and really do not remember much after kissing a tree! In the men's Cat. 2 50 plus race, Jim Spellman was on his game, placing 2nd on the podium. Great job Jim.

As always, we have a race report from our top dog of the day at that particular race, here it is from the winner Jason Douglas point of view: See next Post!

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