Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Kits and Florida Training!

Greetings from Florida!

This Winter has been a rough one, so Ashley and I decided to get the family out of Kansas for a bit and enjoy some warmer weather! Well, it is record lows and winds gusting to 30 mph the next 3 days, but it is still warmer than what we have been dealing with in the Midwest this Winter. I just hope that the weather is better for the first Mountain Bike Race on March 27th on the Lawrence River Trails? Time will only tell!

Well, I have to say that my wife gets the first official placing for the 2010 season for Shores Sports Racing! She did the Gasparilla 15K in Tampa, FL on Feb. 27th. She posted a time of 65 minutes and was 7th out of 400 women in her age group! She never stops amazing me and I was very proud of how great she did with the traininig conditions in the Midwest and being a mom to 2 young children. Way to go Ashley! You have set the bar for the rest of the team for 2010!

We have finalized the team kits and they are on order as I type this post. We hope to be sporting the new sponsors on our chest by BoneBender 3/6 Race! I ordered a few extra in the Large category just in case we have a new team member or someone jacks up there jersey this season? We can make another team kit order in June for Cross season if anyone wants to get in on some Winter gear? You all have the price list, but I will throw out a reminder come June.

I want to say thank you to our wonderful Sponsors:

Epic Bike and Sport

Shores Medical, LLC

SPIN! Pizza


Seaman and Schuske

B&J Skate Center

DQ Savannah, MO


Please support or send a quick thank you to each of these business's as it is tough times out there, but the support we get is much appreciated. I would like to invite all of the sponsors to the race at Krug the second weekend of May! We could set up a little VIP tent just for the Shores Sports Racing Team Sponsors!

Well, it is nearly midnight here in Tampa, Fl and I need to get some sleep. St. Petersburg Group ride planned in the a.m. Which should log in about 3 plus hours on the road tomorrow. Looking forward to some warmer weather when we return!

Ride Strong!

JP Shores


  1. Cool Blog! Keep up the good work! Can I buy a jersey? I need a few more to ride with this summer and I'd rather support you! Any luck with Garmin on the maintenance?

  2. 7th! nice job! impressive!!